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Instant Relief from Hot Flashes

Coolzen is a smart wearable that provides instant relief from hot flashes for menopausal women.

How it works?


Automatic Detection of Hot Flash episode. 


Thermo neuro-modulation resets the body’s internal thermostat.


Proprietary AI personalises therapy for every single woman.

How it works



Automatic Ease

Coolzen activates automatically, ensuring hassle-free relief without any manual intervention.


Instant Cool Relief

Experience immediate comfort with Coolzen's rapid response to hot flashes.


Nightly Serenity

Enjoy uninterrupted sleep as Coolzen discreetly manages hot flashes throughout the night.


Effortless Comfort

Out of sight, out of mind – Coolzen seamlessly integrates into your daily life for continuous relief.

Unpause App

Keep track of all your symptoms with ease and generate a one-page report to share with your doctor. Say good bye to misdiagnoses and confusion, and hello to infromed conversations about your health.

Download Unpause now and join the movement to empower menopausal women everywhere.

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Device Connect

Pair Coolzen to unpause mobile platform for manual controls, personalized reflief & smart learning

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Log, Track and mange data about hot flashes and additional health data around menopausal symptoms including treatments.

checklist mobile


Answer a series of questions that will generate a report to aid in a user’s conversation with their healthcare professional and track your appointments.

What Women Say

Hot flashes and night sweats were extremely severe and I desperately needed a way to relieve my symptoms.

Annie. M, Latvia

Hot flashes completely distrupted my work life since I had episodes 7-8 times a hour.

Jaya. M, India

Majority of women are waiting for a smart and easy to use solution, that will bring them relief from hot flashes.

Sarah.B, UK

Very neat and very clever. It works automatically without much hassle. Having the app is a brilliant idea to track symptoms.

Viola. K, UK

Very small and would go unnoticed under hair or collar.

Carol. T, UK

So pleased research is being done in improving menopause. A device will be very useful to be used with or without HRT.

Amy. B, UK

Very easy to put even at back of neck.

Sierra. A, UK

It just felt cool at the right time and that's exactly what I need.

Tanya. K, India
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