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Our Mission

Unpausing Menopause

At the core of our mission lies a dedication to empowering women in managing the often challenging symptoms of menopause. We firmly hold the belief that menopause should never be a hindrance to a woman’s ability to live life to her utmost potential.

We are building technologies that provide relief to various menopausal symptoms starting with Hot Flashes. Our innovations are rooted in research and evidence.

Our History

Beginning of our Story

Beginning of our Story

We came together at AHEADstudio, London Institute for Healthcare Engineering, King’s College London driven by a passion to solve an unmet clinical need. Women’s health especially menopause has little research and even lesser innovations. Our team is supported by experts from various renowned organizations and clinical backgrounds. The innovations we create are built to help women UN-PAUSE their life even after menopause.

Development of Coolzen Unpause

Development of Coolzen & Unpause

After validating the need for a solution to Hot Flashes amongst 1000s of menopausal women, 100s of GPs, and 40+ menopause specialists, we innovated Coolzen, a smart wearable built to provide instant relief to menopausal women suffering from Hot Flashes. Our app Unpause is a digital companion that menopausal women can use to navigate this transition in their life. We have partnered with 100s of women across the UK and NHS Trusts to test, validate, and improve our products.

Coolzen available in UK

Coolzen available in UK

Our team worked tirelessly to develop the first generation of Coolzen & Unpause. Coolzen has recently been UKCA & CE marked and is available to order on our website now! We are shipping only in the UK but will shortly be available in part of EU as well. Unpause is available to download on App Store and Google Play Store with an update coming very soon!

Meet Our Team


Nitya Dintakurti


Balaji Teegala


Prof. Prashant Jha

Chief Strategist


Dr.Vikram Talaulikar

Dr.Vikram Talaulikar

Menopause Specialist
Honorary Clinical Advisor

In the Press

Kings 20
Tech4 Eva
Arise Accelerator
David Walsh Award 2022
Elevating Founders 21 Winner
STEM for Britain 23 Bronze
She Loves Tech 23 UK Winners
P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator
London Tech Week
Kings 20 Accelerator
Accelerating FemTech Accelerator

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