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Sweat and Sickness – Exploring the Connection between Hot Flashes & Nausea

On a serene afternoon, a wave of warmth passes through your body, and beads of sweat form on your forehead, as if you’re in an oven heated up high and not just that but an uncomfy feeling creeps within your stomach turning your world upside down, momentarily squeezing your insides, does this seem familiar to you? It’s the same feeling when Nausea and Hot Flashes show up all at once leaving you in a state that is way out of words.    

Hot flashes reign as the leading symptom of menopause, striking at any moment with waves of heat engulfing your upper body, particularly the head and chest. Accompanied by flushed skin and blemishes, these sensations often leave you sweating profusely, especially at night, disrupting your sleep cycle.

Nausea is that uncomfortable feeling of vomiting and uneasiness – a common symptom that we can see in many conditions, like motion sickness, morning sickness, pregnancy, and countless gastroenterological disorders that affect the organs responsible for digestion, nutrient absorption & waste elimination.

So what’s the connection between Hot Flashes and Nausea? Do they occur at the same time? worsening the situation even more? Or do they occur one after the other? How on earth are hot flashes related to nausea?

The Connection between Hot Flashes & Nausea

Hot Flashes and Nausea can occur simultaneously or separately, with the ultimate goal of disrupting the person’s lifestyle. 

Hot Flashes and Nausea are closely related to estrogen levels, a hormone that plays a vital role in body temperature regulation. The sudden and intense rise of body temperature at times is due to the lowering of estrogen levels within the body, giving rise to a nauseous feeling which often ends in vomiting. 

Numerous factors can exacerbate the symptoms of hot flashes and nausea. Stress and anxiety serve as notorious catalysts for it, intensifying these discomforts. Likewise, indulging in alcohol or spicy foods can trigger episodes of both hot flashes and nausea. Furthermore, certain medications, including opioid drugs and chemotherapeutics, have been identified as culprits for exacerbating these symptoms. Understanding and managing these triggers can play a crucial role in alleviating the impact of hot flashes and nausea on one’s well-being.

Effective Strategies to Manage Hot Flashes and Nausea 

So what are the methods we can employ to fight against Hot flashes and Nausea? There are very simple yet effective ways through which we can tackle this situation by which individuals can significantly improve their quality of life and dilute these troublesome symptoms.

  1. Simple Modifications in Lifestyle
  2.  Hormonal Therapy
  3. Medication and Meditation
  4. Alternative Therapies like acupuncture and herbal remedies

 A dietary change is one of the main lifestyle changes needed to reduce the risk of nausea during menopause while optimizing your comfort and well-being by implementing simple lifestyle adjustments to manage hot flashes and nausea effectively. 

Choose loose-fitting, breathable clothing like cotton to regulate body temperature and reduce the intensity of hot flashes while steering clear of alcohol and spicy foods to avoid triggering symptoms. 

Embrace cooling measures such as fans or handheld cooling towels to provide instant relief when hot flashes strike unexpectedly, and prioritize stress-relief techniques like deep breathing exercises and meditation to reduce the impact of stress on symptom severity. 

Additionally, maintain a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins while avoiding caffeine and high-fat foods to minimize symptom flare-ups and promote overall health. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you can take control of your symptoms and enhance your quality of life. 

Resources: https://www.reviveresearch.org/blog/hot-flashes-and-nausea/

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