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Most frequently asked questions

What is Coolzen

A state-of-the-art wearable device that automatically senses the beginning of a hot flush and promptly delivers cooling relief to stop the episode in its tracks.

Does Coolzen come with any accessories or additional features?

Coolzen is equipped with essential accessories to optimise user convenience. These include a charging cable and an adapter designed for seamless integration with Unpause, our proprietary application, thereby enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, with each Coolzen purchase, you receive a pack of 21 CoolTac strips, ensuring the device remains securely in position during usage. Moreover, by joining our membership program, you can unlock further benefits, including a monthly supply of CoolTac strips.

Is Coolzen compatible with different operating systems ?

Yes, Coolzen is compatible with both IOS and Android.

How long does one therapy session last?

Each therapy session lasts for 50 seconds, ensuring sustained comfort and relief.

How many therapies can a single charge provide ?

A single charge can last up to 3 days and provide up to 10 therapies per day. However, the actual usage may vary depending on the frequency of therapies per day.

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