The Science
behind Coolzen

Coolzen is a revolutionary smart wearable designed to provide automatic and instant relief from hot flushes for menopausal women.

Physiology of Hot Flushes

All women go through menopause; a common experience among women, marking the phase when ovaries cease hormone production and menstrual periods decline. Women hit menopause over a transition period of 3-5 years which is called perimenopause. It is during this transition, that hormonal changes occur in the body.

Our bodies generally exist within a “thermoneutral zone,” where we’re not shivering or sweating. Menopause narrows that zone, so slight alterations in body temperature can cause sweating. Decreasing estrogen has something to do with this change, but its exact role isn’t well understood. Contributing to this narrowing of the thermoneutral zone is estrogen’s effect on the hypothalamus, a region of the brain that links the endocrine system and the nervous system. The decline in estrogen characteristic of the menopause transition causes the neurons in the hypothalamus to fire differently which contributes to dysregulation of the thermoneutral zone.

Hot flushes present themselves as a physiological phenomenon marked by sudden sensations of warmth around the neck, chest, and face regions. Symptoms often include rapid heart rate, persistent sweating, and flushing of your skin.

Working Principle of Coolzen

Detection of hot flushes: Coolzen adopts a sophisticated strategy to drive out the discomfort associated with hot flushes. It integrates continuous body temperature monitoring for hot flush detection. By harnessing our proprietary algorithm, Coolzen accurately identifies the onset of hot flushes.

Disruption of hot flushes: The nape of the neck is particularly responsive to cooling sensations. Coolzen leverages this physiological response of the human body and precisely delivers cooling to this strategic region. By doing this, Coolzen tricks the brain into assuming that the natural cooling mechanism of the body i.e. flushing of the skin and sweating, has worked and the body temperature has dropped. Having been tricked into achieving this, the brain reigns in the body’s natural cooling mechanism i.e flushing of the skin and sweating, resulting in a rapid and effective disruption of hot flush episodes.

Importance of automation: The use of a proprietary algorithm for the automatic detection of hot flush onset empowers Coolzen to offer accurate, timely, and personalised relief from hot flushes. This approach represents a significant advancement in hot flush management, promising enhanced comfort and well-being for individuals experiencing hot flushes. Automatic detection ensures that Coolzen seamlessly integrates into the user's daily life without any need for manual intervention or interruption of activities during the day. In addition, Coolzen prevents sleep disruption improving general wellness, productivity, emotional well-being and reducing fatigue.

How Effective is Coolzen?

Our user data shows that Coolzen is effective in reducing both the intensity and duration of hot flushes. In the case of detection of hot flushes, Coolzen has been successful in detecting hot flushes in over 85% of instances. The exceptions to this have been observed in cases where hot flushes do not present themselves as expected changes in body temperature.

Why is Coolzen placed on the nape of the neck?

The nape of the neck serves as a critical thermoregulatory hotspot within the human body, pivotal in temperature regulation mechanisms. It serves a dual role in Coolzen’s working principle, where it acts as a prime location for early detection of hot flushes, and also, as the targeted area for delivering the cooling sensation during the therapy sessions to effectively disrupt hot flush episodes.

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