Warranty, Shipping And User Testimonials

Most frequently asked questions

Is there a warranty or guarantee provided with the purchase of the Coolzen device?

The Coolzen device is accompanied by a lifetime warranty, aiming to assure customer satisfaction and trust in our product. This warranty ensures coverage against manufacturing defects and malfunctions, offering assurance to our customers.

Are there any restrictions on international shipping or availability of the product in certain regions?

At Unpause, we are dedicated to ensuring that women worldwide have access to Coolzen. Currently, we offer shipping to the UK and Baltics (through our distributors). However, please note that shipping to other regions may be limited due to logistical or regulatory considerations. For inquiries regarding shipping to your specific region, we encourage you to contact our customer support team for assistance.

What steps are taken to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the Coolzen device and its accompanying accessories?

At Unpause, we prioritise the safety of Coolzen and its accessories. Every Coolzen device undergoes rigorous quality control protocols during manufacturing to meet our high standards. Coolzen is UK & CE certified, ensuring its safety. Our commitment to ongoing research and development ensures our products remain innovative and deliver optimal results."

Are there any user testimonials or success stories available to demonstrate the effectiveness of Coolzen ?

We are honoured by the positive feedback and success stories shared by our delighted customers. These testimonials underscore the effectiveness of the Coolzen device in tackling hot flushes and enhancing overall well-being during menopause. They stand as a testament to the effectiveness of Coolzen and the dedication of our team to empowering women's health and wellness. Refere our testimonials section fro more.

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