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What Doctors Dont Know About Menopause

Hot Flushes and Blood Pressure whats the connection 1

Introduction Menopause, the natural ceasing of menstrual cycles in women typically occuring around the age of 45 to 55, presents a multitude of symptoms ranging from hot flashes to mood changes. Despite its universality, the experience of menopause varies greatly among individuals.  In the UK alone, there are approximately 13 Million  menopausal women, with a […]

Hot Flashes and Blood Pressure, what’s the connection?

Can Hot Flushes Cause Heart Palpitations 2

Is there a significant connection between Hot Flashes and Blood Pressure ? It is common for Blood Pressure to spike up after a menopausal episode,  and experts believe that it is due to the change in hormonal levels that cause this sudden surge to rise up along with Body Mass Index commonly known as BMI […]

Menopause & Migraine, is it worse ?

Hot Flushes and Blood Pressure whats the connection

The transitional phase preceding menopause, known as perimenopause, encompasses fluctuations in ovarian function. These changes bring about varying levels of estrogen and progesterone, the hormones that take care of the reproductive health can either trigger or even worsen the migraine attacks. Estrogen  plays a key role in this scenario, contributing to hot flashes and migraines, […]

Can Hot Flashes Cause Heart Palpitations ?

Can Hot Flushes Cause Heart Palpitations

Are you dismissing regular Hot Flashes as a minor annoyance? If yes, this is what you need to hear about them, those annoying Hot Flashes may be a warning sign indicating an elevated likelihood of serious cardiovascular events such as heart attacks or even strokes.   How are Hot Flashes and Heart Palpitations co related ? […]

What is the Quickest Way to Stop Hot Flashes?

Hot Flushes and Diabetes 2 1

Hot flashes, frequently experienced during the menopausal journey, can be uncomfortable and persist for several years. When occurring at night, they are referred to as night sweats. For some women, these episodes disrupt their daily activities. If you’re experiencing mild symptoms, you might overlook the need to modify your lifestyle or explore treatment options. However, […]

Hot Flashes and Diabetes

Hot Flushes and Diabetes

Crossing 30s mark many changes that are significant in the health-life of countless women; where the releasing of estrogen and progesterone becomes utterly low. These are the hormones responsible for regulating the period cycle, and not just that, these hormones also determine how your cells respond and react to the levels of insulin. During the […]

Hot Flashes and Fatigue

Hot Flushes and Diabetes 1 1

Are you feeling tired? As if there’s no energy left in your body? Even to walk you had to drag yourself? A few steps and the spirit of fatigue just takes over; If you are a woman in her 40s, the first thought that lights up in your mind would be: “Is it the effect […]

Hot Flashes and Dizziness

Menopause and Irregular Periods 2

Just a normal day, everything seems to go fine, but out of nowhere as if a sting has stuck, your head begins to spin, you feel as if the world around you is going in circles, nothing seems to be normal, that’s how a usual feeling of dizziness feels like but when it comes to […]

Menopause & differences in the monthly cycles

Menopause and Irregular Periods

Feeling a shift in your monthly cycle? It could be a sign that menopause is on the horizon. your periods have changed. “What’s going on?” you ask. “Is this menopause?”  As women, our bodies undergo remarkable changes throughout our lives, with menstruation and menopause marking significant milestones. Understanding these transitions is essential for maintaining our […]

Sweat and Sickness – Exploring the Connection between Hot Flashes & Nausea

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On a serene afternoon, a wave of warmth passes through your body, and beads of sweat form on your forehead, as if you’re in an oven heated up high and not just that but an uncomfy feeling creeps within your stomach turning your world upside down, momentarily squeezing your insides, does this seem familiar to […]

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